Humanizing Technology with Philosophical Mathematics

Why are we okay with becoming slaves the moment we walk into the workplace? Why is every TV, mobile phone, and computer designed to look cold and black, and feel like surgical steel to the touch? Why is technology just as scary as mathematics? Why don't these things feel more human? These are the questions I hope to answer, and the problems I'm attempting to solve.



Interesting People Interacting with an Intellectual Clown

sean-ver-sa-tion | noun

a form of interactive, spontaneous communication between two or more people where one is following rules of etiquette and the other throws them out the clown car window


Artist, Actuary & Gamer Discuss iOS 7's Implications on StoryApp

Today in this special seanversation we go straight ménage à trois with 3 members of the Adam & Luna family (launching later this week). Tragnark, Chin, and I discuss Apple's iOS 7 redesign and what it means for not just StoryApp (coming this summer), which we've been building for the last year, but also the implications for technology, animation, and creating life in worlds, both virtual and real. We get a little fired up because this is our life's work so excuse some of the intensity. Smiley face!

Wed June 12

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A Yogi Who Found What She Was Searching For in NYC

Today my special guest is Meghan Kaushal, a medical device Sales Rep at St Judes Medical in New York City. Today we talk about the best and worst parts about Yoga, relationships, and the horrid "selfie" trend sweeping your social networks.

Wed June 5

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Humanity's Biggest Emotional Pain

In this special episode, I talk about the one thing that all of us humans share, the biggest problem we all face, and how we won't survive unless we have it in our life. This is a short episode, in honor of Memorial Day.

Wed May 29

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iOS Engineer Who Built Twitter #Music App, Part 2

Today my special guest is Ben Stovold, who comes to us all the way from Gold Coast, Australia. In Part 2, we chat about the differences between building the Twitter #Music app and building an app for field engineers working in the field, using Quartz Composer to prototype iPhone app animations, Facebook Home, and the difference between UI design, polish design, and animation design.

Wed May 22

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iOS Engineer Who Understands Design & Animation, Part 1

Today my special guest is Ben Stovold, who comes to us all the way from Gold Coast, Australia. In Part 1, we chat about family, how the process of a Seanversation works (not even I can answer that), and what it takes to bring the subtlest details of consumer apps to life.

Wed May 15

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A Mother's Take on Apps & Healthcare

In part 2 of my road trip seanversation with my mom, we almost crash the car while we record this episode. We chat about the quality in healthcare and what the future holds as technology begins to creep into hospitals.

Wed May 8

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My Mom's Advice to Her 30-Year Old Self

In honor of May Day, today's Seanversation is with my mom during a road trip back from Austin. In part 1 of our chat, some weird memories of my youth come up while driving through the destruction in West Texas. I find out a bit more about my mom's life, how it shaped my own, and her advice to how the rest of us should live our own.

Wed May 1

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What To Do When A Client Doesn't Pay You

I'm taking a break from the normal Seanversations in this episode and instead of talking to one other person, I'm going to talk to you. And about something that I've been dealing with for the last 6 months. Namely, what to do when a client doesn't pay you for work you've delivered. I give away a few secret nuggets, based on my own failings, experience, and from Loan Workout friends in the banking industry. Hopefully this helps you in the future!

Wed April 24

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Ice Age Story Artist Reveals the Story He's Always Wanted To Tell

Today my special guest is Jerod Chirico, a Storyboard Artist at Blue Sky studios, who has developed stories for Scrat in Ice Age, Horton Hears a Who, the upcoming animated movie Epic, and a few more secretly in development. We chat about the story he's always wanted to tell, the intersection of theoretical physics and storytelling, and why Indiana Jones always seems to creep into our seanversations.

Wed April 16

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Hardcore Parkour

Today my special guest is Luis Mercado, an engineer at Amazon and a member of the global startup weekend team. Today we talk about the weird things in life that affect our health, from the weather to exercise to not spending 18 hour a day in front of a computer. We also give away the secret level 3 move that will help you master Parkour.

Wed April 10

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iOS Eye-Opener

Today's Seanversation is a bit different, and a bit special. My guest is Jon Miller, a member of the Adam & Luna family. We're building StoryApp (more details in the podcast) and he's the iOS engineer who's making it rain on a daily basis. In this episode we pull back the curtain on our internal conversations, so you can listen in as a moment of insight occurs. T-minus 90 days.

Wed April 3

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Left Brain, Right Brain: Segment 2

In this special episode 20, we revisit the very first segment that gave this show it's name: Left Brain, Right Brain. With my co-host Tragnark, we talking about an insanely broad array of topics that end right where it started. And it all (ahem) starts with a better way for artists to work with engineers. Listen in for a few secrets we uncovered during our chat.

Wed March 26

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Lady of London Luxury: Part 2

In part 2 of my seanversation with Nausheen Quereshi, we talk about how you, yes you, can NOT get a bottle of the ultra rare Elethea, chemistry and peptides, and some other technical stuff that I pretend to understand.

Wed March 20

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Lady of London Luxury: Part 1

Today my special guest is Nausheen Quereshi, the founder of a brand new beauty product called Elethea. Today we talk about British and American accents, the horribleness of overusing the word 'like', her new product launch PR and legal issues, and even some technical chemistry of how beauty products actually work.

Wed March 13

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Chin-teresting, Very Chinteresting

Today my special guest is Christopher Chin Fong, AKA Chin for those of you playing along at home. He's a Product Artist in our latest startup (coming soon :). Today we talk about what it's like to be out of college for 1 and 10 years, what it takes to get that first job, and keep getting better ones. And also a bit about our favorite clickity clack multi-tasks.

Wed March 6

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Pharma Midwestern Maven

Today my special guest is Roby Miller, the founder of Telepharm, a website and tablet tool that lets patients get their prescription needs without going to a pharmacist in person. In this episode we talk about being a solo founder, the struggles of never having enough time or resources, and the amazing startup and technology talent that has stemmed from our home state of Iowa. He's also part of the State Legislature's committee that's setting the laws for Telepharmacy, which is pretty darn cool.

Wed February 20

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Artisanal Protector

Today my special guest is Chad Lomax, a security and startup expert who recently discovered his one want. In this episode, we chat about what it means to go after a dream, not have regrets while paying the bills, the biggest myth in all of startup land, and the new focus that determined the future vector of Chad's life.

Wed February 20

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Digital Damsel

Today my special guest is Tonia Douglas, an Interactive Marketing Manager and a fellow MBA-er building businesses at In this episode, we chat about a new idea for childlike glowing skin, the virtues of affiliate marketing, the saddest thing on the internet, and still pushing towards your dream even while working for the man.

Wed February 13

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Empathetic Everyman

Today my special guest is Dave Ensign, who works everyday at improving the quality of physical therapy. In this episode, we chat about becoming empathetic towards everyone, kids at play with technology, food for life, warm squishy broccoli, and trying to find shortcuts.

Wed February 6

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Funny Family Man: Part 2

Today my special guest is Steven Berry, a Compensation man working for the Federal Reserve of Dallas. In Part 2 we chat about the devil's details, mutual respect, how to become filthy rich, how to get experience before you have experience, and how to get a raise at your job extremely easily.

Wed January 30

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Funny Family Man: Part 1

Today my special guest is Steven Berry, a Compensation man working for the Federal Reserve of Dallas. In Part 1 we chat about office home run derby, Actuarial rizzle dizzle, the long road to "success", and a bit about saving for retirement. Yes, a couple of crazy 20 year-old's actually put away in their 401(k).

Wed January 23

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An Operatic Engineer: Part 2

In the 2nd part of this seanversation, my special guest Julian Miller does not wear a hoodie, nor sit in first class. In this episode, we continue our conversation on the Rucker, being an Opera singer and musician, startup accelerators and an ongoing focus on betterment, and product sexual chocolate.

Wed January 16

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An Operatic Engineer: Part 1

Today my special guest is Julian Miller, a web developer, former teacher, former opera singer and musician. Yah, he's done some stuff. In Part 1, we discuss his new educational analytics startup, Learn Metrics, branding, randomized dating, the never-ending search for the broken-arm problem, the lean startup lies, and trying to knock someone out with slaps.

Wed January 9

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Allow Myself To Introduce...Myself

Today my special guest is Sean Everett (i.e., myself). I didn't want to bother folks over the holidays with my silly Seanversations so last week's guest was kind enough to flip the script and interview me. In this episode we talk about who influenced me, why I lift all the single ladies on my sean-normous arms at the gym, and a bit about doing anything you believe you can do, including theoretical mathematics.

Wed January 2

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A Poignant Pageant

Today my special Christmas guest is Amber Calderon, former Miss Austin, Miss San Antonio, 2nd Runner Up Miss Texas 2013, and Miss Photogenic 2013. In this episode we talk about what really goes on backstage at Miss Universe, a poignant story that deserves to be told, and a bit of advice to 13-year old girls everywhere.

Wed December 26

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A Lawyer, Just Lampin'

I hope you like laugh tracks, because with my special guest Donald W. Jelani Roy, Esquire, a native of NYC with a law degree, that's exactly what you're gonna get. In this episode we talk define a new term: lampin', get an update on his startup plyfe, discuss the merits of organ donation, and even delve into wonderful wide world of sports.

Wed December 18

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Mental Marathon Man: Part 2

Back for round two, for the second half of this series with special guest Doug Hof, a 9-foot tall designer who excels at crafting intuitive and polished user interfaces. In this episode we talk about getting yoked up, finding your fascination, and how many people who create often feel like they're fakin' it, even if they're the best in the world. Don't worry, no one will figure you out, because you're amazing at what you do!

Wed December 12

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Mental Marathon Man: Part 1

So much epic comedy and philosophy, it split us in two. Today my guest is Doug Hof, a 9-foot tall designer who excels at crafting intuitive and polished user interfaces. We talk about 26.2 miles, Arnold yeearrghaaaughahhgh Schwarzenegger, death, and mental fortitude.

Wed December 5

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National Record: 100M Breast Stroke

Now that's something I'd love to high five. Today my guest is Jeffrey Ryan Ringgenberg, an expert at Business Development and the Sales process. We talk about what motivates people at work, zombies, Daniel Pink, and hair flipping.

Wed November 28

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Segment: Left Brain, Right Brain

My guest is Tragnark, a world-class concept artist. We talk about what to name our segment, toys in ziploc baggies, and "reaching across the aisle".

Wed November 21

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Something New

Should I start a podcast of my own? If so, where should I start? How long should it be and what should the topics be?

Tues November 20

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