Become the Hero of Your Own Life

The riddle below may help you piece together the clues, or it may leave more unanswered questions. But that's sort of like life, no? I've been searching for the answer to an unknown question for my entire life. And even though I've been able to answer part of it, I'm still left with one lingering and seemingly unanswerable sliver I can't seem to get unstuck from my mind. Why is there something, and not nothing? From Socrates to Neil deGrasse Tyson, the question remains.

Solve the Riddle
3 is the magic number,
But it's not where you begin.
Unearth the largest treasure,
But that's not the end.
The key is inside you,
Connected to each friend.
Put your families first,
Because that love never ends.

Decipher the Map

More Clues

Find Your Path
Find Your Path

Life, like these clues, is never easy. But if you allow this map to be your guide, the answer will be waiting on the other side.

Fold It Up
Fold It Up

Follow the hidden guides. You can't always see them, but you'll always feel them. Fold it up. And stretch it out for a few reps.

Unlock The Toy
Unlock The Toy

A toy, altogether familiar, yet somehow different. It takes a mere moment to remember, longer to understand, and a lifetime to master.

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