When you fail so much that you forget what winning feels like, that's when you're ready to succeed.

Sean M Everett


Managing Piksel's Digital Enterprise Video Platform. Ingest videos or stream live, transcode or encode them on the fly, syndicate to social networks, digital signage, iPhone and Android apps, the web, 24x7 Linear channels, Roku home TVs, and the web. Then measure viewing behavior through multiple analytics integrations and monetize them through VAST-compliant pre-, mid-, post-roll ads or subscriptions. Build on top of our Video Platform with world-class new 5.0 RESTful APIs or if you're a novice, read through our searchable and shiny new online help portal.

  • 375 million video views per month
  • 4.25 million live and on demand video minutes served per month
  • Over 40,000 live events annually
  • White labelers, resellers, and channel partners
  • Hundreds of features
  • Newly implemented "infinite" roll video ad management, google analytics and weekly insight emails
  • United States Patent Application No. 62/073,785 ("Personalized Channel"), filed October 31, 2014
  • United States Patent Application No. 62/175,878 ("Media Streaming" for live events from a mobile phone), filed June 15, 2015
  • Reduced churn by half from FY14 to FY15

Also check out our video portal "Hive" product for MCNs (multi-channel networks) launched with Endemol, one of the US's biggest producer of TV shows: http://www.piksel.com/pressroom/endemol-beyond-usa-and-piksel-launch-new-over-the-top-platform-getbeyond-us/

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Based on Gary Vaynerchuck's marketing-in-context philosophy, use the power of Instagram to find customers for your product. Search one of your product's keywords to find potential customers with the same interests and chat them up in the comments.

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StoryApp's robotic wooden friend, Kiiy, records your voice over multiple photos and transforms them into an epic video. Kiiy understands your spoken words and your emotion from your tone of voice, automatically hashtagging your story with each word for it to be discovered by others.

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Act SuperKind and experience hope like it's the first time. A private equity group that scales traditionally unscalable businesses by adding technology, entertainment and marketing partnerships to our portfolio companies.

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85-page eBook tutorial to build your idea into a product. I show you how to create the exact same thing that you see on the Become A Builder website. If we have the ability to learn, we have a responsibility to teach.

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A weekly podcast series I recorded for iTunes.

Interesting People Interacting with an Intellectual Clown


sean-ver-sa-tion | noun

a form of interactive, spontaneous communication between two or more people where one is following rules of etiquette and the other throws them out the clown car window

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We rented out a hand-built castle in upstate New York, filming the live action trailer of Trap Door City. During Adam and Luna's epic journey, they build and use StoryApp's Kiiy to defeat the evil monster Rakasasha.

Currently in post-production digital animation, sound leveling, and color balancing, along with full script writing.

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We built a family, not a company, including an Ice Age Story Artist, Disney Concept Artist, Carnegie Mellon Robotics Engineer, Badgeville Engineer, and a Wal-Mart Actuary. Our goal is to build incredible products for everyday people with a unifying story at its soul.

Software + Hardware + Story

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The place I first met the cofounder of Adam & Luna, we were a $1 million VC-backed web app that gave you points for your social media activity. The points were redeemed for real-world partner prizes like Louis Vuitton, Louboutins, and NYC Broadway Experience.

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I was charged with taking the alpha product and getting it ready for consumer lauch, then iterating on the product to make it more fun and engaging.

Plyfe gave you points for your social media activity. Perform challenges, earn points and raffle tickets, level up, unlock boosts, and win real world prizes and vacations.

We had over 50,000 users one month after launch earning more than 210 million points.

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One of my friends was working with Russian missile scientists (you can't make this stuff up) to build a golf swing tracking app. They needed help designing and building the iPhone / iPad portion of their product and called me in to help.

It was a hardware + software play and was recently featured in Uncrate and many other publications.

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Digital clocks are boring, so get creative. Dock your iPhone with a gorgeous Design O'Clock and spice things up.

And if one clock just isn't enough, shop the built-in Clock Shop for custom-designed themes or suggest your own. We just might build it.

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When we wake up we've got a million messages, need to get ready for work, and grab some breakfast before leaving the house. The last thing we want to do is open yet another app and wait for the weather to load.

So, we built Weather Notifier iPhone app to send you push notifications with the day's forecast.

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Ranked the #1 business school in the country by Business Week in consecutive years, I completed an entire MBA curriculum in a record 2.5 years. I took classes during nights and weekends while working on a Fortune 1000 merger integration effort, running a startup and launching multiple digital products.

My concentrations were in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Finance, but extending my knowledge of pricing theory, consumer behavior, and commercializing innovation was my main goal.

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I saw everyday people expressing their joys and pains on Facebook and Twitter, but I felt that there was something much deeper that people wanted to express but couldn't in a public forum.

So I built Confide to be an outlet for that. In the first week people posted about rape, sexual molestation, racism, relationship problems, and suicide.

I found out two years later that my mom had used this platform to potentially save a life. And that's the moment I realized what my life's work was. To build human things that help people.

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We negotiated a deal with Apple's wholesale distributor to offer us discounted iPads, MacBooks, and iPods for the 2010 holiday shopping season.

We offered 1 deeply discounted Apple product per week and made $30,000 in reserved sales without any money spent on marketing.

We were written about in various technology and Apple-related blogs.

The store closed down after the holidays.

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We built apps to save time or make time fly. Our socially awkward social media savants turned work into playtime.

We concepted, designed, and engineered websites, animations, web apps and mobile apps for ourselves and brand name clients.

Our clients ranged from $1 billion companies to professional athletes to new startups.

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The Alpha 2.0 Challenge pitted financial engineering experts against each other to develop the most profitable high-frequency trading algorithms. The winner was able to use our capital and infrastructure to run the algorithms.

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A high-frequency algorithmic trading firm, we raised capital, traded our own internal algorithms, were colocated on the NASDAQ and ran on AWS as one of their first users.

In one of the worst markets since the Great Depression, our return was +43% to the market benchmark.

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One of the fastest promoted people in the company's history, I went from Analyst to Consultant in 3 years. As one of 10 people in a 10,000-person company, I was given the Chairman's Award for excellence in work quality and client relationships.

As an incentive design consultant I worked for and presented to the Boards of Wal-Mart, RadioShack, The Container Store, AT&T, SBC, Cingular Wireless, National City, Citizens Replublic Bancorp and Goldman Sachs to develop reward programs that gamified organizational compensation and performance management systems.

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After 9/11 destroyed the economy, I was left to fall back on what I knew best: retail.

Managed P&L for a $5 million, 30-person team, increased fiscal 2004 revenue (+25%, 9th in the company), and net income (+319%) from prior fiscal year, reduced payroll 14% from budget, amplified men’s department total sales to 12th in company from 96th.

As a result, we were nominated as one of 3 out of 350 stores for Store of the Year award.

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Born and raised in Iowa, I transformed the work ethic my parents taught me into academic excellence, studying Mathematics & Actuarial Science at the University of Iowa.

I passed two Actuarial professional examinations, had two internships with PwC during college and was recruited by the biggest names in the Insurance and Pension industries.

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